SEO: The Ultimate Guide To GSA Search Engine Ranker Page 1

Easy Way to The Ultimate Guide To GSA Search Engine Ranker! Welcome to my main guide for the GSA SER! I am really toying with the idea of ​​...

Easy Way to The Ultimate Guide To GSA Search Engine Ranker!

Welcome to my main guide for the GSA SER! I am really toying with the idea of ​​not making this post because of the amount of time and effort it takes to do it right. I've seen other people posting less detailed versions similar to this but I hope my own in-depth version will not only be an excellent introduction to people who love this tool but also offer something for more experienced users as well.

I know that some of the things here are very basic but I do not see the point in making the main guide to the tool if someone really new to using it can not be tied to it, read it and have a decent idea of ​​what they are doing. In addition, I've added a lot of tips because I can think about it over the years so I hope this can give value to readers who have used this tool.

After trying to find the best way to present this post, I decided to use a free skitch tool to take over the screen, overlay it with numbers and then do the splitting of each number, GSA SER is a great tool that I consider other people. Instead Sven knows what each option does but I do my best to provide answers to all options. In addition, I would also like to say that GSA Search Engine Ranker is not perfect, but in my opinion this is the best automated content-link management system on the market today. So without ado let's get started.
Let's start from the beginning of GSA SER!

Here we have the main window of this tool.

1 - Left Left Panel - Project

After you create projects and groups, they will be shown here along with project status, project priority level, the number of submissions the project has made and also the number of verified URLs the project has.

2 - Right Center Panel - Last Verified

Once your project generates a verified URL, they will be automatically added here to a maximum of 1000 recent verified URLs. The date and time the verified URL will be displayed along with its own URL, the country flag on which the domain server resides with No / Do follows the destruction of the links at the bottom of the panel. Additionally, once the verified links are displayed they will have a different background color, Green represents follow links and Yellow does not follow.

3 - Down - Pane Log

When you activate a project, the details are displayed here, the date and time of logging added together with the creation of the project entry and incoming messages.

4 - Top Right - New Project Button

Pressing this button opens a new project window for the user to create the project. Drop down the small arrow to the right of the icon can be clicked to open the drop down menu. By default, the dropdown menu only has options for new projects and a new project with a username whose name. If the user chooses to create a template then they will also be shown here as shown in the image below which allows the user to click on the name of the template and the settings have been loaded into the new project

5 - Top Right - Project Edit Button

As soon as the user creates the project, the project can highlight a project in the project panel and this button will be enabled. Clicking this button gives the user the same function by double-clicking the project in the project panel causing the GSA SER to open the project for the user to edit it. The project edit button also has a small direction arrow to right-click this right gives the same function as right click on project in project panel as shown below.

 Hovering across most of the options brings users additional options as shown below.

 Active and Inactive – Turns a project on and off.

Active (Verify Only) – Project will only verifying already submitted URLs.

Active (Verify E-Mails Only) – Project will only check and verify emails.

Active (Use Global Site List Only) – Project will only pull targets from site lists if enabled.

Active (Search Only) – Project will only pull targets from search engines if enabled.

Active (Search and Verify) – No idea what this does.

Active (Remove Links) – Project will remove verified links.

Active (Re-Verify) – Project will reverify its verified links removing dead URLs.

6 - Top Right - Delete Button

Pressing this while having an inactive project highlighted in the project panel will delete it, if the project has not been previously backed up, there is no possibility to restore the project after it has been deleted.

7 - Upper Right Button - Selected Button

Clicking this will open a project selection window, I'll discuss the project options window later in the tutorial.

8 - Top Right - Start Button

Clicking the start button when having at least one project set to something other than Inactive will start the project. The start button also has a little drop down arrow on its right that opens the drop down menu shown below.

 Start - Project will start its action.

Scheduler (All with Active Status) - Bring the scheduler to set the project to active.

Scheduler (All Selected) - Brings the scheduler to manage the selected project.

Scheduler (Select By Mask) - Bring the scheduler to set the project defined by the mask. Here is a screenshot of the Scheduler window that will open when one of the scheduler options is selected.

 The number of projects running at the same time can actually be an important feature and often overlooked depending on how you use the SER. If you post to a self hosted blog network, most content management systems will have built-in security features to prevent multiple concurrent entries from the same account on different IPs.This means if you have for example, ten projects posting to your blog network then it would be better to let the designer run one project at a time so that all the projects can be sent to the blog network without their connection disturbed by the Content Management System Security Features.Although the text says switch to the next project after xx minutes this option will work for some projects. So if you run "Scheduler (All Selected)" and have ten projects selected with the number of projects to be executed at the same time set to five eg after the specified time has passed the scheduler will switch from the first five projects to the last Five projectsYou can limit the scheduler to a user-specified time and date which means you can set the scheduler to active projects when you're away from your computer.9 - Top Right - Help ButtonClicking on the help button displays users with various help options as shown in the image below.

10 - Bottom Left - Summary of Project Pane

The project panel provides some user-at-a-glance information about the project they have set up in the GSA Search Engine Ranker example.

P - Total project in the example, when the project is made active brackets appear with the number of active projects.
S - The total number of submissions made by all projects in the project panel.
V - The total number of verified URLs created by all projects in the project panel.

11 - Left Down - Counter Thread

The yarn counters display the number of active threads currently used by GSA SERAT.

12 - Left Bottom - Total Submissions Since Last Reset

The submissions here are different from those in the project panel summary as they only return to zero when right-clicked by the user and reset manually. While this may seem pointless, it can be a useful tool for tracking your setup performance for one day if the project in your project panel changes for any reason like a deleted project, using the Data reuse or recovery options from the backup

13 - Lower Left - Total Verified Since Reset

Same as total shipping since reset option but for URL verified rather than delivery.

14 - Center Down - Counter Proxy

The proxy counter shows the total number of private and public proxies added to this GSA SER instance. For example, if you have 25 personal proxies and 100 public proxies 25 | 100 will be displayed here

15 - Bottom Center - Statistics Per Minute Tracker

This right-click presents a dropdown where users can select a metric to track as shown in the image below....

[Update] If you need help to improve your Link Per Minute, check out this case study I mentioned where I improved my relationship per minute from 75.77 to 763.33 massive and also explained how I did it.

[Update} I have released this post where I explain exactly how I set the project to reach more than 900 links per minute.

[Update] I have now released this post explaining the various situations may want to display certain metrics and why.

16 - Bottom Center - Captcha Statistics

It displays the total number of captcha found by GSA Search Engine Ranker and how each service handles it. For example, let's say you have GSA Captcha Breaker enabled as the first captcha service, human captcha service enabled as your second captcha service and captcha captions service enabled for your captcha text. The SER will display captcha statistics like this.

GSA Captcha Breaker, human captcha, [text captcha] - Hitcha Count wrong.

The tracking is limited unfortunately but some text captcha services offer direct tracking on their dashboard of how their performance is with the captcha text presented with them.

17 - Bottom Center - Memory Usage

This is the amount of GSA SER RAM currently in use.

18 - Bottom Center - CPU Usage

This is the percentage of system CPUs currently used by GSA SER. I tried running my GSA SER instance on a VPS or Server where it would be difficult for SER to take over 50% of CPU resources, even when it exploded at 1800 active threads.

19 - Bottom Right - Last Verified No URL / No Follow

This will display the total number of no / do follow links that will be verified by your system up to a maximum of 1000, depending on how you use GSA Search Engine Ranker it can be a good metric to track your list's health and do follow link ratios.

20 - Top Left - Build Version and License Owner

This option lets you see your build tool version and confirm the license owner.

Here is a screenshot of the tool with active projects running and various fields filled with data. Do not know if it will help but seeing where everything goes with ongoing projects can help some people.

Move To GSA Search Engine Ranker Options Window

21 - Left Side - Submission Tab

Clicking this brings users to the post window as shown above, by default this is the SER window that will open when the first selection tab is clicked.

22 - Left side - Captcha Tab

Clicking this presents the user with the captcha tabs discussed later in the tutorial.

23 - Left Side - Indexing Tab

Clicking this presents the user with the indexing tabs discussed later in the tutorial.

24 - Left Side - Filter Tab

Clicking this presents the user with the filter tab discussed later in the tutorial.

25 - Left - Advanced Tab

Clicking this presents the user with the advanced tabs discussed later in the tutorial.

26 - Top Center - Thread Restrict

This allows users to enter the maximum number of threads they want the SERVER SERVER can use them at once. The tool says that it is not recommended to use more than 100 threads at any given time but through testing I have found hard thread limit for SER more than 2000 active threads. I'm not sure why this warning message was added, Some say that it's based on when users use SER to scrape search engines but all they have to do in order to run safely on a higher thread count is by adding more proxies to the tool this.

One thing to keep in mind is that GSA SER will assign classes to every active project as active threads that remove them from user-defined limits and may cause some teething problems. Let's say you have 100 projects posted but you set your active thread limit to 100, all active threads will be used by your posting project limiting the number of URLs you can build with your campaign.

27 - Top Center - Automatic Thread Restrictions

This option lets the user set hard resource limits for CPU usage, RAM usage or both and if the tool reaches this limit then the number of active threads will have limits imposed on it. If you use this tool on your home desktop or laptop, this setting might be useful to you, but if you're running a VPS or Server, I'd better let it go as there are a lot of people in the GSA forum. Complain about the problem and this is the root of the problem.

28 - Upper Center - Time Options HTML

This option lets users set custom HTML timeouts when the tool tries to contact the domain. There are several factors to consider when setting it. If you are running a low-spec VPS, a laptop or desktop with a high number of SER threads may take longer to contact the website from your end.

Because domains that end up on premium link lists are getting more popular so it might run slowly at their end. Most people recommend between 120 and 180 seconds but to be honest, I have never tested this because the way I make my list filtering ensures my target is up and healthy.

29 - Right Center - Bandwidth Limit

This option allows the user to set the upper bandwidth limit for SER so that it has limited access to the internet connection machine. If you are running on a desktop or laptop using your home internet connection then lets this be a great idea. If you're using a VPS or a decent Server, they usually come with an unlimited 1GB connection and can accept the punishment catapulted by SER.

30 - Configure Center - Proxy

Clicking on this option opens the proxy configuration option as shown in the image below.

Proxy proxy window opens on list tab by default, you can manually swap between list and option tab using two buttons in top left of window. On the list tab, the user is presented with two panes. The top is the proxy panel where the proxy details entered will be displayed like Host (IP), Port, Type, Status, Speed, Source, Private and Anonymous.

Below the proxy panel is a proxy log and will show the various tasks of the proxy configuration tool completed. Clicking on the "Add Proxy" button on the middle left of the pane brings users several different ways to add their power to the tool. The "Proxy Test" button will check access to the proxy that ensures you have the correct Username and password, if the information is true it will do a live check, if the proxy is still active it will pull the data to proxy fill in different columns from the proxy panel.

The "Delete" button displays users with the ability to remove all proxies, delete selected proxies, remove non-anonymous proxies or remove unblocked / un-proxy proxies. Clicking on the "Add / Edit Proxy Sites" button will display the user with the following screen.

If I tell you the truth, I have never used this as I regularly use the language a dedicated representative of Ser but not this window lets you choose the sites Ser will automatically scrape a representative of the public. When using Gsa Ser recommend using premium representative of the minimum language dedicated to get the most out of tool.In at the bottom of the left pane by a representative of the inspection / boxes unchecked. The user is able to manually check / uncheck representative in proxy pane by right-clicking on them and any proxy that fails to check his living will automatically be added to the column in check.

If you are using a dedicated representative of the language and some go check them alive and are added to the unchecked column I recommend hand and right-click and mark at the tested Ser able to use a proxy.

Subject to the most representative exceeded the check is alive there is a high temporary issue with the proxy classes and soon a good description of Ser able to use it with no problems, when all the representative failed to double check your user name and password.Some require IP proxy authentication so you need to obtain the IP of the running tool sign in to your proxy

Some require IP proxy authentication so you will need to get the IP of the running tool in the signed proxy providers dashboard and manually add IP whitelist to enable voting. If you still have problems after doing this, then I highly recommend you open a support ticket with your proxy provider.Clicking "Options" button at the top left of the screen will open the proxy options the company is shown as below.

Clicking on the "Options" button at the top left of the screen to open the options proxy pane as shown below.

Options proxy pane allows the user to set the settings Gsa Ser to go out and scrape a representative of the public. Although a representative of the public commended for removing engines do not recommend you use them for anything else as to adapt to the many people that are slow to go outside of the Internet sporadically. If you do a blast Ser this is the last thing you want as it will just slow everything down turn may affect the public if the proxy is going offline while establishing a connection.

31 - Lower Center - Use proxy options

This is where the user is able to set their proxy, there are many ways people can set this up but I personally believe that the method set out in the screenshot is the best practise.If using a premium service and catch-all email service by making presentations and want to use a dedicated representative unknown language toilet to get the best of your resources. This does not save your submission up and censor free you anything on the other end trying to track where it is from.

As the list of the top for your understanding, search engines should not be enabled in your project options tab as slow your system down which means there is no need to enable or any representative of the engines as they will not use them. PR is dead and I know Ser has a few tricks up its sleeve such as Yandex TIC adjustment but I have seen nothing to do with my present us to re-use a proxy here as I do not currently use any PR based filtering.When sure, you can let your representative semi dedicated if you like but the idea this increases the bandwidth and depending on the size of the page on the web can slow you down.

For example, say you have 50 dedicated representative of the language set up and running 1000 threads on your Ser example. There is no way to 100% that your bodies are doing at any time but the argument sake, lets that 500 bodies are being used for 500 posts and threads are being used for the verification. The way I have it set up 500 threads using a VPS to make representations leaving the bodies of sending a representative of the semi dedicated at a rate of 10 threads each proxy.

Now let's say you choose to sign your proxy box to ensure, to the toilet, now you have 500 bodies are used for posts and 500 threads used to confirm. Threads of ensuring 500 Now use your VPS connection but hiding a representative of the semi-dedicated forming as a representative of your bathroom to take up their bandwidth. With extra 500 bodies running over the same proxy could slow down which means you miss sites as your finished HTML option will trigger more often.

As I catch all my projects Ser is no requirement to use a proxy by e-mail checking as the service is set up and hosted by the service provider for their users and are well aware that we are doing with their service so it saves your bandwidth proxies and money as catch- all sense can receive emails infinite.

That being said, however, if you are using the popular email service account in the west such as Gmail then it may be a good idea for you to use a proxy to try and reduce the number of times any IP address given hits their service as I suspect they will have something in their backend to block the account email if the same IP in a bunch of different email account minute for a few days in a row.

32 - Bottom Left - restore Options

This option allows the user to back up or restore their settings options, although this may seem really basic factor is nice to have, especially if you use many Gsa Search Engine Ranker conditions.

For example, say you have an optimized configuration options that you like and are happy using. Click backup, send it on dropbox or any sharing service you use to link to your VPS together and load the same configuration that you're brand new Ser install different machine saving you the time you need to set all the options at the top of convenience.

Another use is to back up your settings before you tweak your items, especially if you are just using a tool. It was unreal how many times I will change a setting and you can not remember or the setting is changed or the value of the previously set when I started using the tool. This option removes both problems as you can restore from backup.

A third option is that you may be in theory, back up your options and send it to a friend to install on their Ser but I would not recommend it as your example tweaked for your representative, your system specifications and a list of the location of use. To back up this friend may do more harm than good, especially if you are using a $ 35 VPS or server $ 60 and using her old laptop from 2007 that struggle to run Minesweeper let Ser.
On The Captcha Tab

33 - Upper Left - The Image Captchas Tab

This allows you to switch the user between the captchas image and text captchas tab, by default Ser open captchas image tab.

34 - Upper Center - Text Captchas Tab

Similar to above but the user can click the text to go to the tab ID shown below.

The user can enter a range of services in the identification document window as such tools Captcha Gsa Full unable to resolve them additional services you need, this is due to the fact that the text captchas based on random sums or questions generated by the website and presented to the user as shown in this ..gif.

35 – Centre – The Captcha Service PaneThis is a visual representation of the various captcha services that this example of GSA SER has access to. One thing to note, at the time of writing SER can only choose a captcha service, two captcha services or all captcha services to use About projects. Although this may seem trivial as there may be potential to be a big problem depending on how you use SER.

For example, suppose you have the SEREngines plugin, you are also using the SER case to build contextual links and irrelevant links. Ideally you should set it up so your unlinked link projects can only use the GSA Captcha blocker as it is a completely free solution once you have purchased this tool.

Your contextual messaging projects will use the first GSA Captcha Breaker and if the captcha is not resolved it will be redirected to an OCR Captcha service and your SEREngines project will send their captcha directly. Next to the captcha resolution service of humans.

In theory, you can add your Captcha OCR service to the GSA Captcha compiler and say it only sends captchas like ReCaptcha to your OCR service for resolution. However, the problem here is that there is no control at the project level so a non-contextual project may encounter a ReCaptcha, send it to the GSA Captcha Breaker to be resolved and then GSA Captcha Breaker sends it. To the captcha service of OCR The theme means that ReCaptchas for your contextual message projects can not be surpassed and resolved.

In the same way, your SEREngines projects only really want to use the human captcha service that has been solved by you, but the only current way to do that is to install its captcha in the options tab. The project will put all of the first meaning as its captcha is sent to GSA Captcha Breaker and Captcha failed, then it is sent to Captcha OCR service and it's very likely that it failed and finally it's after. When all this time it is ported to captcha service solving man to be solved by hand.

I made this suggestion on the GSA Forum that has been deployed and this may be a work around for this issue. The problem is that the SER does not provide much information on what layer it is as a hard captcha to address so some captcha presentations for the SEREngines project may not be categorized as a hard captcha for the SER to address. And then it went through the above Process to solve.

I made this suggestion on the GSA Forum on this issue and Sven confirmed it was on the long list of things to do so hopefully we get it before SEREngines get out of the beta test. NEXT to page 2 >>



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Auto SEO Journey: SEO: The Ultimate Guide To GSA Search Engine Ranker Page 1
SEO: The Ultimate Guide To GSA Search Engine Ranker Page 1
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