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Easy Guide To GSA Search Engine Ranker 99 - Options Middle Options - Links This option determines where the link will appear in the articl...

Easy Guide To GSA Search Engine Ranker

99 - Options Middle Options - Links

This option determines where the link will appear in the article ever posted. I use the option "just in a random location" to try to minimize the footprint and keep it from being as simple as possible but you also have the following options.

100 - Central Right - Anchor Text Before URL

I do not know what this is and never use it, from the tooltip it seems to be adding your anchor text as plain text and then placing your link as a naked url shortly after.

101 - Central - Enter Additional Links

To me, these words are a little confusing and I should call clarification here, but what option is here is auto injects additional URLs from the project URL into articles for you.

102 - Middle - Enter Verified Link

As above this is also the area I need to reach for clarification, basically what it does is try to build a link wheel for you using the verified URL of the project. The problem is when it comes to linking losses, some fair URLs will die so you will connect juices that flow out of your tiers so I do not use this option.

103 - Middle - Enter a Random Authority link

This option allows the SER to automatically insert "authority" urls into articles, from what I've seen, large community websites with relevant and relevant tags attached to the end, but in theory, this can help reduce traces as you wish You. are doing. You can tick the checkbox below to allow search engine searches to try and find links to use or check the box to use your own URLs and manually finding third-party authority URLs to inject into the article hereby be the choice I'm looking for.

104 - Center - Insert Picture

Enabled automatic injection of images into GSA Search Engine Ranker article will be sent to you. Be aware though, similar to how I explain the anchor text some machines do not let images added to their pages so you will not always get the number you requested. As above you can also use your own custom URL if you like.

105 - Central - Insert Video

As above but with video rather than image, again the seemingly even less automated engine enables the inclusion of videos automatically into the articles posted to them and as above, you can use your own URL if you wish. As I have said, many machines will not do it. Allow video inclusion automatically on their pages so if you want to run campaigns to embed YouTube videos you want promoted, it's probably better to use services like SEREngines or RankerX because their platforms are more easily accepted Video injection

106 - Bottom Center - Shorten Articles

I do not know why this option exists, I think it's less relevant now more than ever because you want as much content as possible posted to your article site to try and help indexing.

107 - Bottom Center - Insert HTML Variation

I do not know what this is and do not remember ever using it.

108 - Bottom Center - Do not Sending The Same Articles More Than Kali

This setting depends heavily on your strategy, If you use SER to send to your personal blog network or SEREngines plugins with old accounts to automatically send handwritten articles to you then this could be a useful setting as it will prevent the same article. Filed more than once and possibly duplicate content issues.

If like me you are using automatically generated content then the article will be full of spin taxes which means it is safe to submit the same article file more than once because the spin tax held in it will change it every time SER releases it. Some time ago I did some tests with some auto-spun content and with a light spin, the content is more than 95% unique per 3000 used so I never limit the number of times an article can be submitted.
On the GSA Project Options Tab SER

109 - Top Center - Post Project Options

Essentially these are a number of different ways for you to set up a posting option to rank the project from the sending or verifying threshold to the time frame to make it in. The way I set it up depends entirely on what I need to do for this project. I.

For example if it is just a filter project, I would not suspect this because I just want to post projects repeatedly trying to get as many verified URLs as I can push into my life project.

However, my life project almost always has a delivery limit set around the sign per day. A note to note is that once you've filtered your list, it's a good idea to create multiple test projects with deliverables per day and then See how many verified URLs the project gets from the list. This is because using the submission limiter is more accurate than the verified URL delimiter.

For example, let's say you make a 10 url limiter per say per target. With limiter submission, this project will get 10 posts for that day and pause until the next day then send 10 others, easy. With a verified URL delimiter, the project will start posting, it will probably point to the sample by 50 targets before going into verification mode to see how many verified URLs it has built, the project then find 50 URLs verified so that Pause waits for days to reset, While being paused 10 more verifiable URLs means where you only want 10 URLs per day, you now have 40.

Once this option is enabled, there is an option per URL that is most appropriate, if you do not have this check then the limit you enter in your post selection is for the entire project and all the URLs you have to build the link. If you tick it then it's for every URL that has your project building link.

To develop an example from the previous little more say you have it prepared to make 10 submissions per day and do not check the boxes per URL. You have 5 URLs in the project to build links so you can complete 10 posts for the entire project. To simplify the example sake say all 10 verified posts, you now have 10 verified links which mean 2 verified links created per link you set up to build links.

Now, let's say you have the exact same project but you check the box per URL. This project has 5 URLs that build links so get out and make 50 10 submissions per URL. Again, for the sake example let's say that every one of them becomes verified that you have 50 verified links, 10 verify links created per link in the project.

110 - Top Center - Captcha Service

This is the way you want this project to handle captchas. They start asking users that means more pop-ups you have to deal with to use all the services that mean they will filter captcha services you've enabled in your captcha options from top to bottom as described earlier in the tutorial and as Described in the section The captcha tutorial option your settings here will depend on what you want your project to do for you.

111 - Top Center - If Form Unable

This setting tells the SER what to do if it encounters a problem with the form during submission. In the screenshot it is set to prompt the user to mean more popups for you to face. I've seen people say they have it set to the "Select Random" option on the occasion it creates a verified URL but in my own live project I have it set to the "Skip" option. My logic is if there is a Problem with the form then there is a possibility

My logic is if there is a problem with the form then there is a possibility the web master has done something to the site, if I choose randomly then I think there is a possibility it could make the url verified but SER might persist for Several seconds trying to work if random selections were successful . A few seconds may not sound like a lot but when you have 1800 active threads that connect out for a few seconds it can quickly accrue. When I use SER I usually go for speed and volume so I'm happy for it just skip the form and move on to the next target.

112 - Upper Center - Skip Hard To Solve Captcha

Canceling this box will get the SER to stop sending it and move on to the next target if it detects it is difficult to break the captcha like ReCaptcha. Like many options in SER how I set this depends on what the project is doing, if it is a project for contextual links then I will not enable it because I want to try as much as contextual as possible but if the project is for non-contextual then I will tick it because there are many Counter-contextual out there and I do not want this thread to help for 10 seconds while ReCaptcha is pushed through my captcha service for simple non-contextual links.

113 - Up Center - Enable Custom Mode

I have never used this option but it is on my list for an upcoming project. From what I understand, pass on parts of the website to you so you can type your own answers manually. In theory, it could be nice to comment one level on a high metric page but as I said, I have not tried it.

114 - Middle - Verified Link Setting

I checked the "verified link should have the right URL" option if the project is contextual because I want to know what context has been created and verified before I move it into the link building chain. I usually have the option "when to verify Set up automatically on my contextual project so I can keep a better footprint of what's going on If I need a large number of contextual construct links in a short time, then I'll change the drop down menu to time Custom and set it to verify every 6, 12 or 24 hours so that time is not wasted to verify URLs as often as possible.And projects are free to focus on submissions.

If I use projects to build blogs, drawings or guidebooks then I usually set the drop down box for never. When building my three levels, the only goal is to get links built on platforms that should have been indexed so that search engine crawlers climbed tier to my money site. I do not care if the link is really verified or not, what I care about is submission, so I do not see any point in wasting time and system resources to verify links because it slows things down. One thing to note is some blogs, images And guestbook engines automatically verify that even if you have told the project not to check, you will get some verified URLs automatically.

115 - Middle - Central Re - verification Options

This setting tells SER how often, if you want to rejuvenate your link. If the project is for non-contextual links then I leave it as I did not verify them to start. If the project were to tier one contextual link then I reverify it once per day so the two tier projects I find if the link is dead or not fast and do not waste time and resources building links to the one level link that has Been missing. If the project is a two-tier contextual project, I sometimes increase the verification timeframe depending on what else is happening with the VPS as it is only contextually built for them.

116 - Middle Index Options

This option gives users the choice if they want to send their links to the indexing service or not. Due to missing links, I have a link submission method to my own indexing service. This is because the only way to now automatically send links to the indexing service once the project confirms verification. As I have mentioned several times the link loss becomes a pretty big problem with the SER made contextual. Also with the increased cost of indexing services to counter the latest Google indexing updates, the shipping cost automatically sends verified links to my indexer only to lose the link to missing links too much.

As I have mentioned several times the loss of links becomes a pretty big issue with a contextually created SER. Also with the increased cost of indexing services to counter the latest Google indexing updates, the shipping cost automatically sends verified links to my indexer only to lose the link to missing links too much. I created this suggestion thread in the GSA forum, unfortunately, it never got any appeal, but if you agree, it is a problem if you are free to send your support.

117 - Middle - Rotating Characters

I do not understand the tool tip for this setting when I first used the SER so I never turned it on and never gave a single second option though.

118 - Middle - Randomly Add Typos

The point is this randomly adding typing errors to the content on the post to make it look more humane. Personally I use auto generated content and auto-spun so I am fully aware if the admin check the post then it will be removed, on top of that my theory is that this should take time and system resources for SER to change typos so I let it be turned off.

119 - Middle - Try to always place the URL with anchor text in the description / comment

Never turn it on and never look back.

120 - Middle - Try again to submit to the previously failed site submitted x times

Although this setting has been around for years, I made this suggestion to fix it. Now the user can set several times that SER is allowed to try post before discarding it. If your project is a filter project, then a great idea for you to have this reaches 25-50 you want. Project to generate as many customizable URLs as possible so as to allow the project to try domain xx times before discarding it. If your project is to build contextual articles to the website you are trying to rank, I may still have it About 25-50 you want as much as contextual as possible. If this project builds non-contextual then have it set as low as 0-5 as you head for speed rather than increasing the referrer domain with article-based content.

If your project is to build contextual articles to the website you are trying to rank, I may still have it around 25-50 as you want as much contextual as possible. If this project builds non-contextual then have it set as low as 0-5 as you head for speed rather than increasing the referrer domain with article-based content.

121 - Middle - Try to Find a New URL

Do not know what he did and never turned it on.

122 - Middle Options - TAG

Some content management systems let users post tags with their posts, this lets users notify SER if you want to use keywords or anchor text from the Data Tab as a tag submission.
Next Lower Project Option Tab

123 - Upper Center - Search Engine Selection Panel

This lets users choose the number and type of search engines they want to use for the project. Use of this feature depends on how you create your verified list of URLs. If you use SER to erode the target then you have to enable some search engines in the panel. You can right click on the panel to select search engine by country and some other options. As you do so, realize that Google has reduced their number of clicks to ban proxies. The point is this means if you hit google domain with the same proxy within the time period they have set in their back end then the proxy is soft banned and will not be able to connect to google domain until the time is up. If you run many threads over the same proxy, each thread count is considered a hit.

This is why most people use free public proxy that SER's can erode at the proxy center I discussed earlier to scrape because they are free and you do not care if they are banned or not. In addition, scratching targets with SER can slow down tools as they require resources from other tasks.

When I scrape my targets I use a scratch box with free public proxies that are collected from the GSA Proxy Scraper and actually hammer them with as many threads as possible to get as much as I can before anyone else does and soft proxies are prohibited. Or, I will insert the scratch box upwards with my semi-dedicated proxy and do the thread count exercise I want for the number of proxies I have to erode as efficiently as possible.

At the bottom of the search engine options panel, you can see it saying that 4/811 is checked means having 4 search engines selected to search. If you use premium lists and filtering process listings as I do, then I right-click the search engine options panel and do not check anything because I will pull the target from the folder list of my site.

124 - Central Target Acquisition Options

This allows the user to have some additional control over how the project will pull the target link to post. Always use keywords to find targeted sites - This option forces the SER home as a keyword when scratching search engines, in my direct project I have it disabled.

Add a quit word for the query - It seems that this tick gives you better search results but on my live project I have it disabled.

Use URL from Global Site List - This is my login source for the target, as described earlier, I usually follow the stored target to the verified folder so I check it is verified and let SER rip.

Use linked URLs on the same verified URL - Do not know what this is and I disable it on my live project.

Analyze and post to backlinks of competitors - Although I have never used this option in SER, in my opinion, this is a link link extraction form and I have done a lot of link extraction in Scrapebox. Be warned that this is a very efficient process to cultivate an unconceptual link base but the resources are very heavy.

125 - Bottom Center - Scheduled posts

It gives the user a number of options to schedule the SER delivery and allows it to post multiple times per account created and per domain. As always how you set it depends on what you want your project to do.

For example on a filtering project, I will not enable this because I do not want SER to waste time to post to the same domain or account over and over again as a project point to verify as many domains as soon as possible.

On one level of one and two contextual projects I activate this but your settings will depend on your risk tolerance. Allowing SER to send high frequency to the same account means you lose all those links if the admin checks one of the posts and realizes automatically generated content where the lower number of submissions per account but more accounts per site spreads more Loads. On blog projects, drawings and guestbooks, I sort it out correctly, to my knowledge, most suffixes do not require a list, but which I do not care if it is banned, google spiders Crawl these sites often enough for links that can be posted to offer value before they go.
The Very Low Section of the Project Option Tab
126 - Top Center - Skipping Options

It offers users a wide range of options to skip blogs based on things like outbound links, homework from links and homework from domains. I have never used this in my SER Link building until now because I always use tools for Volume rather than quality although I plan to do some testing with things like this in the future.

127 - Middle Backlink Control Panel

In my opinion, this is one of the most viewed and underrated parts of the tool. When you create your campaign, you select the type of link you want to create the tool and according to my knowledge this is the only tool that offers this level of control. For example, at the beginning of the tutorial I mentioned what if you get a high number. No follow-up BuddyPress link is possible because you have a micro message option enabled here. I also mentioned how you can choose a machine that can be sent to articles and profiles more easily.

If you want the machine to post to an article only, make sure you only have the option "Articles" checked, if you want them to just post to the profile, make sure you have the "Profiles-Contextual" option checked and if you want it To post to both then Has both ticked. Some other things about the backlink control panel, by default the option for "Article-Wiki" is not enabled means that the wiki post you get will only be a profile with a low number of words, I highly recommend you check the "Articles-Wiki" option On whatever project you want from contextual articles from wikis on other things it will not happen.

[Update] Now I have released this blog post where I discuss in more detail how to use the backlink control panel to build a stronger level for building your links.

Secondly, the "Forum Post" option will try to post actual forums about forum targets. If you use auto spun and automatically generated content, do not expect this to be handled long because the forum moderator will delete it resulting in huge link losses so your time is wasted.

128 - Central Right - Additional Filtering Options

Try to skip making Nofollow link - Ticking this is a waste of time, to no avail. Essentially when a machine is created there are variables that are set up like if engine builds follow or do not follow links. This option checks for that variable and then avoids who says no follow.

That being said that webmasters can modify their content management system easily to change the link output type. For example take a machine like Question2Answer where most of the links do not follow. All it takes is for a webmaster to change the type of link output to follow and then his domain to give you a link. On the other hand, grab something like Blog Drupal that most of the links are followed by default. After this ticking option will let the SER post to Blog Drupal but if the webmaster change the link output type then the domain does not give follow link.

This is why I highly recommend filtering your list, you are processing all the links but separating the follow links and there are no links coming into different folders with actual link output than what the SER should do.

129 - Middle - Sure Filter

The clue is in the title, tick this and if any of these words are on the page then the SER will pass it.

130 - Middle - Bad Words Filter Domain / URL

Similar to the above options but this one actually checks the URL for those words rather than on the content of the page.

131 - Bottom Center - Skip Sites By Country

I'm not sure how this works but I guess it checks the server IPs that the domain is held and checks as opposed to the list of countries or the like. Anyway it gives users the ability to skip sites based on their IP.

132 - Under Rights - Skip the Site With Language

I do not know how SER works outside of the site language but this option gives users the ability to filter projects based on the language of the site.
Moving On to Email Verification Tab

[Update] I have released this post where I explain why I use the catch-all email service and how to create a switch reduces my email account costs by more than 90% while increasing my daily link output.

133 - Central - Pane Email

This is where you can see the emails or catches you added for this project.

134 - Right Center Control Options - Email

Various options for users to add, delete, export, test and blacklist check their email. If you use an email account make sure to test it when you paste it into your project, you will waste time if letting the project run for the day before all the email you put into the project is dead to begin with. With an increasing email account pricing And how quickly the SER can burn it I strongly suggest you invest in a catch-all service.

They are very cheap with basic packages of about $ 5 per month and the basic package meets my needs perfectly. As I emailed before as you blasted blog platforms, pictures and guestbooks, most of them do not require email signup so the only thing that really uses your catch-all is your contextual target. With traditional email, you can Only create one account per site but with all catches you can create infinite accounts per target for $ 5 per month, it's a no brainer.

135 - Middle Email Editing Options

Do not know what this is all about honesty, I usually just paste my catch-alls and then let them go. I think this is a way to manually add emails or edit them manually.

136 - Bottom Center - Email Options

This is pretty obvious but as I mentioned earlier in the guides in the proxy options section, if you use an account like Yahoo then it's good to enable proxy for email checking and increase the time between email account login to try and improve Lifetime of your email
Go to Notes Tab

137 - Middle - Pane Notes

Making notes and changing logging is very important in Search Engine Optimization. You can use the notes panel to record your notes if you like but personally I save them directly to my rank tracking service because I can coat them into the project's keyword ranking graph to look for correlations.
External API Tab

To be honest, the only service I used there was FCS Networker a few years ago before the owner sold it and the new owner let it go down hill so I changed the link builder 2 my preferred website, however if you use one of these services this is where you add Details for them.

Go to Project Edit Options After all that I hope you now feel confident enough to create a GSA SER project so have a better idea of what to do. After you set up a project, you will have several new options when you right-click the project in the project panel as shown below.

Set Status - Provides the same options as the drop down arrow buttons discussed at the beginning of the tutorial. Main Priority - Gives you the option to assign priority to project system resources.

Show URLs - Lets you see submitted and verified URLs for a project. The remaining target URL options are still useful for viewing the number of URL targets that are still loaded into the project to post to. Show failed re-verify shows is a way for you to track lost links and filter and general domains of link building in the future. Show statistics about remaining URL targets will provide details of the remaining platform types.

Choose - If you have many projects here, then this offers the user some way to select it. I'm not going to discuss it here because I plan to post full about the importance of naming conventions in the future but choosing by mask is a big help when you have many projects at once.

Sort By - Allows users to sort projects they deem appropriate. Viewing Diagram - This option provides a diagram in the screenshot below to show various statistics about the links for the selected project or project.

 Import Target URLs - Provides users with a number of ways to import target URLs into a project or control the targets that are loaded into the project.

Filter Log By Selected Projects - This is an error search tool that helps if you have a bunch of running projects at once select the project and this click and only this project data will be displayed in the log so you can see what it is trying to do Do it a little better

Project Mods - This presents many ways users can edit projects. A few months ago I used a dedicated server to incapacitate about 1.5 million links per day. After getting tired of daily servicing on a project with the options available, I suggested the option reset the added data and fortunately Sven added it. If such a mass link building is something you are considering then the choice of reset data is an excellent tool for rearranging the blaster project so it is ready to go again. Back - I do not know what this option is and do not think that I have ever used it

thanks for reading
It concludes the ultimate guide to GSA Search Engine Ranker! If you really managed to read the full post then I would imagine you have both the thirst for knowledge and also the patience to get somewhere in this game!

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SEO: The Ultimate Guide To GSA Search Engine Ranker Page 4
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